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Spring 2017 Designs – or something

2016 Behind Us

I’m finally done with a very busy 2016. I didn’t have time to devote to my designs this past year. I’m getting my head above water now and planning for Spring 2017. I had a good year last year with custom design, but overall it’s kind of a lost year.

I spent a lot of time working on websites to sell, developing a wordpress self-hosted site where I’m able to list my designs in a shop. Progress!!

2017 – Spring and Summer

I’m going for a new design focus this year, with simpler silhouettes and custom dresses that can be festooned less or more as the purchaser chooses. I’ll be doing a bit of recycled casual designs and party wear, but it’s tougher in Florida coming up with viable places to find items to upcycle. I’ll still be selling my one of a kind pieces, but slipping them off to different shops online to sell them. Maybe several small shops, with handmade casual designs in their own spot.

Trend Forecast

For weddings, I’m seeing a stronger focus on design details, though not the same bohemian style seen in past seasons. These are more couture style details that focus on trim and beading, but in a ‘faux handmade’ type way.

Many fashion designers this year caught on to the handmade trend and did an extreme design detail wash to many of their lines. It’s beautiful !


There were a few casual details that were included here.


My favorite detail of the casual fashion and ready to wear is the colors. Spring’s runways were awash with color and details.

I loved all the details, though I had a few I really loved. Here are a few that could apply both to wedding and more casual designs.





Where Am I Heading ?


For summer and next spring (2018) I’m planning to take my line a bit simpler with a focus on customization and simple silhouettes. I’ll be trying out a few new things like a ‘faux mermaid’ gown and some simple camisole 2 piece gowns in cotton and linen. I’m wanting to let the focus be on the bride, allowing her to accessorize with fabric collars, capes/shrugs and lace ruffs, rather than the gown itself being ornate. That said, I still love sheer floaty fabrics, so I’ll be working (hopefully) on ways to incorporate them into my designs, but with a simpler effect.



Casual Fashion

For casual fashion, I’m seeing ‘all over the place’ looks, but my most recent inspirations came from the dramatic designs at a local renaissance fair .I loved all the color, the corsets and leather accessories and the sheer variety of garb.

I’ll be working on a few more swashbuckling looks and some accessories to add to everyday  fashion to add a bit of unique style. I’ll be focusing on layers like vests and jackets, reworked skirts and always shirts !


New Handmade Wedding Designs

Beach Bridal Gown

california wedding dress


I’ve been busy re-opening my etsy shops recently to give me a chance to reach a slightly different audience. Some of my problems with an etsy shop have become kind of a moot point now that the biggest handmade competitor is Amazon Handmade. While they seem to be serious about handmade vetting of sellers, the rules allow shops with as many as 20 employees, which to my mind is a small manufacturer rather than an indie shop. So,  I thought I’d give etsy a short trial to see if it’s worthwhile to be there at this point. Still in the hunt for a good marketplace with traffic and true handmade, but the options are getting smaller not larger…sigh.


ecru linen jacket

I’ve still got my Style Tantrum Shop and my main website Wispy Chic, where I have my wedding designs. Wispy Chic and the Etsy shops also have casual and evening fashion as well as accessories and odds and ends.


cream chiffon wedding dress

Meanwhile I’ve been working on more photos and am trying to gear up for expanding my sizes in ready to wear and custom wedding and fashion. I’ve always made up to Extra Large with a few Plus Sizes, but I’m going to be focusing a bit of time on developing a bit more in the Plus area for fashion and wedding pieces.  Some of my photos will feature a mannequin that I got about a year ago and really enjoy taking pics on. I understand the ‘creepy factor’ people have with mannequins, but so many designs are made to be body moulding and without actual body parts look shapeless. I may be doing more pics with the face cropped off, but for now I kind of like her face. And the hair, while a bit wild makes me think of elven folk, so I think I’ll forgo another wig at this point. Sorry to pay catchup in a single post, but I haven’t posted in a long time and there was a lot to say 🙂 Lots of random photos of designs I’ve been working on, or new pics of a few things I’ve already posted.


ecru tiered wedding dress

Island Weddings

Island Wedding Gown

I love weddings near the sea. One of my brides sent me these beautiful shots of her wedding on a Caribbean island named Bonaire. I had to look it up, but I love it !  Everything makes me smile about these photos – the flowers, the sea, the beautiful bride and handsome groom. I loved seeing the dress in action too ! The romantic sunset is swoon-worthy. Congratulations guys !!

Real Island Wedding

Island Wedding 2

What If I Look Terrible In White ? Alternative Wedding Dress Colors



One of the top complaints brides make is wearing the actual color white. Completely aside from any cultural meanings that white can have, many brides object to wearing white. For many brides white washes out their skin tone or makes them feel fat or too busty (too hippy, too noticeable…..). Many brides solve this issue by choosing a shade of white that works for their skin tone. Warmer colors such as ivory or champagne can work for many skin tones. Tinted whites with a touch of peach or pink can also work. There are tons of shades of white, from a blue based tone to subtly rose tinted whites.

Bella Wedding Gown Tattered Roses & Cream

Bella Wedding Gown Tattered Roses & Cream

While this can work for many brides, others find it easier and more delightful to shift to related colors like ecru, buttercream, creme brulee etc. A tonal wedding gown can combine several of these colors in a mix of shades and can be the best of both worlds. This allows some much needed contrast and is often very flattering to many skin tones. Another favorite is skin tone or nude shades, often named blush. These are great on almost every skin tone and look amazing on older brides especially. Shades can vary from peachy tones to pink and rose shades along with flesh tones.

Blush Wedding Dress Island Lace


Ecru Wedding Dress - Ange


Sand and other earthy colors have a similar ability to flatter and are great for figure ‘camouflage’, along with blush and tonal colors like creme brulee and ecru. Basically these colors allow the bride to ‘pop’ just a bit less visually, while still enhancing her face and skin tones and creating a romantic atmospheric color around her. Some recent brides have chosen to wear tonal earth shades like ecru or sand and allow the bridesmaids to wear white…..and it looks beautiful ! Although this may confuse your Aunt Matilda, it really works to make the bride feel a bit less conspicuous and comfortable on her big day.

Linen Wedding Dress  Beach Sand


Island Wedding Dress - Creme Brulee

Brides who are self-conscious about their figures especially may enjoy the reduced contrast of wearing non-white shades. Since you are wearing a long dress, visually you are the biggest thing in the room – and wearing  pure white simply heightens this effect. Toning it down just a shade or two can really reduce the impact of your gown, while still allowing you to shine and have all the attention you are comfortable having.

Creme Brulee Wedding Dress

Earth tones can be especially workable and appropriate for outdoor weddings and wedding in wooded or park like settings. For beach weddings, the sun can glare in photos, making it tough to get great shots in daytime weddings. Toning it down just a few notches with color can make a beach wedding shot so much more flattering for bride and groom. Think a color palette with sand, bleached wood tones, mints and pastels. Photos aside, you may just enjoy feeling more ‘one’ with the scenery around your wedding setting. For woodland weddings, earth tones and colored wedding attire just feels right. Natural colors for attendants like berry and grape tones, deep greens and darks look lovely and fit the scenery.

Tonal wedding gowns are not the only choices beyond whites and shades of white. Many brides choose to celebrate their unions in full on colors. Wedding gowns in red, plum, emerald and sapphire are popular, especially in steampunk and corseted styles. Black is chosen often as well, for both attendants and brides. Pirate, gamer and other romantic fantasy themed weddings often feature dark palettes. Another popular color is ice and pale blue. Pastel wedding gowns in yellow and buttercream shades, pinks and roses, lavender and greys abound. Also favored are neutrals like shades of brown and pewter. Aubergine is another beautiful wedding gown color.

Black Wedding Dress Aubergine


Dark Wedding Dress Midnight

Wedding gowns have altered in their cultural significance and colors have shifted into play more in wedding palettes, allowing brides to ‘change it up’ with their wedding choices, especially the palette of colors they choose for their wedding and for the gowns they wear. What’s important to brides is expressions of their own and their guy’s personalities and loves and their favorites as a couple. Choosing a wedding gown should allow you to be who you are and to express your essence as a bride and a woman. Allow yourself to dream a little about color in your wedding dress !

Ivory Lace Audrey Gown

5 Tips For Choosing An Amazing Engagement Gift

Welcome to guest blogger Elise Thomas of EliseThomasDesigns.com ! Elise is sharing her expertise on gifts for the bridal couple and ideas on gifts for showers, engagements and weddings.

It’s finally happening! Your sister, your daughter, your best friend is finally going to tie the knot! Of course, you’d like to celebrate the good news. So, what’s the best gift to give? Read on for 5 tips to help you choose an amazing engagement gift.

1. Personalized gifts that incorporate a couple’s initials, monogram, wedding date and/ or wedding colors will have special meaning to your couple. These are the gifts that are destined to become treasured heirlooms.


ring holder with date

Ring Holder With Date


2. Gift to the couple. It’s not ALL about her, after all. He is getting married too! See if you can find a gift that takes both of their needs, tastes or backgrounds into consideration.


Cardinals ring holder by Elise Thomas Designs

Cardinals Ring Holder


3. How much should you spend? Emily Post says “An engagement gift is really a good-hearted gesture of affection, and it need not be expensive or elaborate. ”


Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap


4. Choose something useful. Couples who are just starting out don’t always have a lot of space. So, something they can use around their home or something they will consume is always appreciated.


Pink Flower Wedding Ring Holder by Elise Thomas Designs

Pink Flower Wedding Ring Holder


5. Your gift is meant to express your warm and sincere congratulations. A gift that comes from your heart is all that is will take to make occasion a memorable one.

Groundhog love

Groundhog Love


Elise Thomas is a mixed media artist creating handmade wedding designs from glass and clay, offered through her web site: EliseThomasDesigns.com.


Tattered One Of A Kind Wedding Dresses – New Shops

One of a kind is a demanding type of design ! I make wedding dresses for non-traditional brides, fairy woodland pixie, rustic french country, barn and farm chic, barefoot bohemian, ethereal wispy floaty, all one of a kind, all handmade by me, all a single size. I also make a few made to order designs – hoping to increase the styles for this soon.

With spring in the wings and bridal season fast approaching, I wanted to let readers know some site news. Lots of changes in the handmade venues have caused me to shift my shops to personal websites with a reduced focus on venues.

Creme Brulee Wedding Dress

I want to state that I am a handmade designer seller – my designs are created by me, sewn, photographed, posted online, packaged and sent by me. I am a one woman shop, with occasional family help to get to the post office on time 🙂 I do not have any plans to change my process unless I get seriously busy…in which case I may hire someone to help me clean my house….or maybe to help out with pics-posting online-etc.

Pixie Wedding Dress

I’ve expanded my locations to include a couple of new selling sites for my designs. I’m phasing out my shops at etsy and am planning to feature most of my designs at my Wispy Chic Website  – wedding gowns, romantic fashion and bridesmaid, prom and party dresses.  This site takes credit cards and Paypal.

Ethereal Blush Wedding Dres

My second site StyleTantrum Shop is tiny right now, but has some wedding dresses, some party gowns  and bridal fashion like shrugs and accessories. I am planning to add to this site as I go along. It is linked to my StyleTantrum Website and I may be moving designs from these two sites back and forth until I settle in to which works best for each type thing. This site only takes Paypal, so be aware if you love something and don’t do Paypal. I will be happy to make another payment arrangement for you. Right now the best place to find all my designs is www.wispychic.com. You can find an edited selection of wedding designs at the StyleTantrum site.

Ecru Rustic Bridal Gown

French Country Linen Wedding Dress

Creme Brulee Wispy Top

Let me know how you like the shops and which you prefer and why….I need to have some folks looking over my shoulder saying ‘this works and that…not so much !’ 🙂

ETA: What will I do with my etsy shops ? Unsure. Probably going to use them for supplies and destashing some of my materials for now 🙂 I’m still deciding.

Spring Fashion and Wedding Style 2014

Spring 2014 runway styles are celebrating white and also the combination of black and white. Lots of icy hues showing up on the runways in muted shades of mint, violet, blue and blush.



There are also a bits of pink mixed with other colors as accent.



Spring has it’s share of fresh metallic hues as well and metallic embellishments as well. Overall there is a leaner, sportier style perfect for cottons and linens. Hemlines vary with many high low hemlines still in evidence and a longer tea to maxi length skirt showing up. There is also a pronounced love of sheers in ready to wear tops especially. Sheer bits fill in where cutouts would be, with a mix of solid and sheer in the same color. Crop tops are especially popular.  Not too many florals showing right now, but patterns especially in black and white prevail.  Lots of supple satins and matte sheen in fabrics show up in simple designs. Spring looks bright !



What looks will work for spring dresses and spring weddings ? Definitely blush and icy palette pastels will be perfect for spring weddings.

There were some really beautiful embellished necklines, both with metallic bits and fabric. These tended to be on high neck, sleeveless halter style gowns.



Varied hemlines beyond the usual maxi dress for weddings and certainly for dresses. Since pink is still in favor this spring, icy pales of pink along with pink accents on white gowns for weddings will look wonderful. Icy blues and mints are still going strong with icy pale violet an alternative.



For blush wedding gowns, a fresh take will be in satins, both mattes and eggshell or medium shine textures. Some lighter metallics will work in caramels and mochas. These will be great for rustic and woodland weddings.




A few wedding shots illustrate fresh looks from recent wedding’s like this ombre design with pink accents from Gwen Stephani’s nuptials. A really unique style made exquisite by the unexpected use of color in the skirt.



High drama and an ethereal style makes Anne Hathaway’s gown gorgeous in a more traditional style.



Another fresh take is this picture of bridesmaids in an ecru to blush shade accenting the bride Coco Rocha in white…. lovely despite the confusion and illustrating the satin theme from this Spring’s runways.



One of my personal favs is this short blush gown from Keira Knightley’s wedding. A vintage Chanel gown she owned already, this is a lovely mix of color, style and a modern take on wedding fashion.



For alternative brides metallics may go as deep in shade as your heart wants, but with maybe a lower luster shine factor. This gown from Shenae Grimes recent wedding shows the beauty and romance of a black wedding gown.



Pastels and Whites for Spring Weddings

Seems like I’ve fallen silent lately on all my blogs, but moving has a way of sucking all your emotional energy into planning, packing, house hunting and settling in. I”m still in the house hunting stage, but thought I’d add a few things that caught my eye from shops I love and from my own shops. Without a lot of fanfare, here they are 🙂

ouma sweetheart dress

Glitter Gold Sweetheart Dress from Ouma

Wedding gowns for spring come in all shades of white and ecru with pastels interspersed and ice creams shades of white. Pale pinks and yellows are perfect for spring and blue is a favorite as well.

Kimmi Lace Dress

20’s Style Lace Sheath Dress by Kimmi


Rose Mist Dress by StyleTantrum

Rose Mist Ethereal Dress by StyleTantrum



White Dresses I Love

Here are a few white dresses, both wedding and any occasion that are perfect for this season.

Ivory and blush pink Silk Chiffon Wedding dress by larimeloom at etsy.com

upcycled alternative wedding dress by pondhopper at etsy.com

momosoho wedding dress by momosoho at etsy.com

Spring Bride White Rustic dress by kateblossom at etsy.com

Pretty Birdie's Peace and Hemp Silk Gown by prettybirdie at etsy.com

Canary Wedding Dress Gown by hollystalder at etsy.com


and a few of mine

Strapless Vintage Inspired Wedding Gown


Beach Wedding Gown


Strapless Cotton Classical Wedding Gown

Fall Pre Picks….so sad to see summer going!

While it is really hot here still, the tell-tale signs of fall are beginning to be felt. Kids are buying back to school supplies, college students are shopping for dorm room setups and shops online are starting to  feature a few early fall looks.

I’m still having trouble focusing on fall, but I found a few ideas that look good for transitioning that direction. Hope you enjoy the sound of fall on the way!

MiHMarrakeshJeans @ ASOS

MiH Marrakesh Jeans @ ASOS

I love the sixties fit and style of these jeans and the cute retro pocket style. The tobacco color is versatile and different, giving lots of opportunity for coming up with new combinations. I’d love this with creams and pear greens or an oatmeal or black turtleneck.

MiHmarrakeshJeans @ ASOS with Jacket

MiH MarrakeshJ eans @ ASOS with Jacket

mihmarrakeshjeans (2)

MiH Marrakesh Jeans Pocket @ ASOS

On a similar note, I’m loving the color of this trench by Warehouse at ASOS. It is a deeper and warmer color than lots of trenches, making it a great choice for fall. I always find trenches wash me out, even the black ones. I don’t look great in camel, oatmeal or grays, so this one is perfect for anyone needing a trench in a different palette.  I love the simplicity too.  Here, this trench would work in all seasons, since it rains here a lot!

Trench by Warehouse @ ASOS

Trench by Warehouse@ ASOS

This jumpsuit is perfect for fall…colorwise and for fall’s changeable, sometimes hot, sometimes chilly weather. I can see it with a jacket or sweater or with tights and boots. I know, it’s chiffon…but a jumpsuit? I kinda like it…and it would double as a pretty dress, yes?

Vila Chiffon Floral Midi Culotte Jumpsuit @ ASOS

Vila Chiffon Floral Midi Culotte Jumpsuit @ ASOS

Vila Chiffon Floral Midi Culotte Jumpsuit Front @ ASOS

Vila Chiffon Floral Midi Culotte Jumpsuit Front @ ASOS

So, I’ve posted warm color things, what about all the people who only wear neutrals or black and white or grey? Well, I’m coming to that. I think the jumpsuit thing is interesting and makes you stand out a bit from the run of the mill and is surprisingly dressy for work. I found this great grey and black version….and I don’t know, it just works!!  I’ll be posting more fall picks as we get further along in real fall…meanwhile it’s perfect beach weather!

See by Chloe Flock Spot Dungarees @ ASOS

See by Chloe Flock Spot Dungarees @ ASOS

See by Chloe Flock Spot Dungarees Back @ ASOS

See by Chloe Flock Spot Dungarees Back @ ASOS

Summer Picks = Black, White and Colors @ Lana Stepul


Lana Stepul Multicolor Dress

Lana Stepul Multicolor Dress


One of my favorite posts is when I feature a designer and their line. To do this one doesn’t have to go far. I found Lana Stepul’s shop at etsy.com.  There are so many designs to love, including lots of fresh treatments of black and white…classic summer colors.

Lana Stepul Polka Dot Skirt

Lana Stepul Polka Dot Skirt


One thing I love about these designs is the use of natural fabrics, cotton, linen, silk and wool. Her dresses and skirts often feature side pockets…an essential for comfort. The silhouettes are fresh and flirty, with designs offering custom fit to your body. I love the lineup at Lana Stepul’s shop and I bet you will too! There are so many perfect designs for romantic occasions and my nemesis, attending a summer wedding.  Have fun shopping at www.LanaSteupul.etsy.com !

Lana Stepul Open Back Lace Dress

Lana Stepul Open Back Lace Dress


Holiday Picks – Part 2 Graceful Winter

I love choosing things that work well slipping past holiday events and into winter and spring with all the parties and weddings to attend. I look for dresses and outfits that are versatile, work in multiple seasons and that feel fresh…so they can last a few years perhaps in my closet. I picked a few that look graceful and that flatter your winter plans.

Moved to Tiers

Moved to Tiers Flower Dress from Ruche.com

Gray just happens to be a very flattering and easy to wear color for lots of people. Here is another selection from Ruche.com.

Moonlit Nights Gray Dress

Moonlit Nights Gray Dress @ Ruche.com

A pale gray that verges toward white is also a very flattering shade and one that works better for those that gray tends to wash out a bit. This one is delicately floaty.

Wave You Back To Me @ Ruche.com

Wave You Back To Me @ Ruche.com

For those who have holiday work gatherings to attend where a bit more coverage and warmth is needed, here’s a little sweater frock from Anthropologie.com that may just be perfect. It is a burnt orange, but looked so festive it seemed perfect for now!

Jacinth Sweaterdress @ Anthropologie.com

Jacinth Sweaterdress @ Anthropologie.com

And a last little bit of glitz with a golden color and a versatile cut, is this ruffled sheath from AnnTaylor.com. It is cotton with a tiny bit of sheen which makes it seasonless and the color will give it a lovely ability to be dressed up with black and bling or dressed down with white and other colors and more casual accessories. Here’s hoping you find that perfect dress for all your holiday-ing!

Ruffle Neck Cotton Sheath Dress by Taylor @ anntaylor.com

Ruffle Neck Cotton Sheath Dress by Taylor @ anntaylor.com

Festive Picks for Holiday Events 2010 – Part 1

I love having something shiny and beautiful to wear to holiday events and parties. Feminine dresses make even a holiday office party something to look forward to. I love the way I feel with heels and something silky and soft in the evening. I like tiny satin or silken purses or pretty boots and tights with more casual holiday garb.


Tennerie Blush Sheer Gown Credits: Model: Krista Hair & Make-Up: Aveda Photography: balance photography llc

I wanted to post a few pics of gowns and holiday looks, some my own, some from other handmade clothing artisans and a few from favorite shopping destination. I hope I get you pondering your own holiday looks a bit in advance, since you never know what bit of fancifulness you may need to accompany  an unexpected holiday invitation. Have fun dreaming about holiday fetes and shopping !!


Azure Wisp Silk Dress Credits: Model: Rhea Necklace: Stout Run Studio (recycled soda can pendant & chain) Hair & Make-Up: Aveda Photography: balance photography llc



Dusty Blue Silk Dress by larimeloom



Gunmetal Houndstooth Dress by smarmyclothes.com

Peruvian Holidays by FreePeople.com

Whispers of Shimmer Dress by FreePeople.com

Whispers of Shimmer Dress by FreePeople.com

Boysenberry Galette Dress by Modcloth.com

Boysenberry Galette Dress by Modcloth.com

MagnolijaDRESS – Romantic Couture

Next in the series of featured Designers is MagnolijaDRESS at http://www.magnolijaDRESS.etsy.com. I love the wispy quality of the dresses and their romantic and ethereal quality. Inga, Magnolija’s designer hails from Lithuania and creates gorgeous and beautiful dresses.  I love all her work, including some new blouse and shrug designs. Her shop is ever-changing, with a variety of sized designs and new elements often. Her work is really popular and her designs are snapped up quickly.  Check out our featured designer’s shop and her wonderful creations!

Blue Lagoon

Black Flower Dress

Night in Paris

Blue Sugar Cuff


Blue Sky

Sweet Ruffles

Sweet Ruffles

Silky Rose

Silky Rose

Summer Natural Linen Tea Length Dress

Summer Natural Linen Tea Length DressSoft natural linen and cotton empire waist a-line dress for a short beach wedding dress or romantic occasion.

Mushrooms and soft clouds were friends of her everyday and she loved little turtles and gentle creatures like otters. She wore a tiny chain around her neck with the smallest baby ring on it. She wasn’t working at being different, only she couldn’t seem to help it. She was so happy that she had found someone who understood – and cherished her!

I found a pretty linen skirt to recycle. I loved the soft sideways pleats and gentle ragged edged ruffles and the softness of natural linen. I added a white cotton/spandex flower print bodice to make it an empire waist and covered it with a top layer of stretch taupe netting. I made swirls of netting along the top necklines and gave it soft 40’s glamour style straps. You can bunch the straps up or wear them wide. I added a tiny distressed chocolate frill.

Summer Natural Linen Dress

Summer Natural Linen Dress

Summer - Side

Summer Linen Dress

Summer Pleats and Hem

Summer Hem

Summer’s End Dresses

Summer’s ending and all the flowers are enjoying the last of the wonderful sunshine. Here at the shore, summer brings rain and wind too. I’m back posting after a long absence that was a saga involving an unexpected move and other long details. I haven’t created much in my absence other than finally getting my website shopping cart going. Much of my work can now be found at my website store,  where I’ll keep a running commentary on some of my designs and Style Tantrum Design news.

Mia Simple Strapless Handmade Wedding or Formal Gown - Creme Glace

Mia Simple Strapless Handmade Wedding or Formal Gown - Creme Glace

Dresses are like the last of summer’s flowers, in full, happy bloom. I am posting a few pics of recent things I’ve made just so I have pictures on this post, lol.

Azure Wisp Silk Slip Dress

Azure Wisp Silk Slip Dress

Citrus Lace Empire Waist Formal

Citrus Lace Empire Waist Formal

A Green Wedding Expo & White Dresses with Some Color

Butterflywing Wedding Dress

Butterflywing Distressed Wedding Gown

I’ve been busy recently preparing for and participating in the Mid-Atlantic Green Wedding Showcase’s Aveda Eco Fashion Show http://www.greenweddingshowcase.com/ecofashionshow.shtml February 21, 2010 in College Park, Maryland. It was a delightful show and featured the beautiful hair and makeup designs of the team from Aveda Institute in Washington, DC. I loved seeing the other designers gowns, as well, and the choices for brides planning an eco-friendly wedding were beautifully showcased by exquisite display booths from eco conscious businesses. The atmosphere was fun and friendly and the show was so exciting. If you missed it, you can see a highlight reel at vimeo.com here. I have not had much time to keep up with blogging lately but wanted to post a few appetizer shots of my designs and the show. I’ll do a more extensive post later with more details. Hope you enjoy.

Creme D'Or Wedding Gown

Creme d'Or Champagne Gown


Butterflywing Distressed Wedding Gown – Cynthia Davis, Style Tantrum Designs
Model: Krista
Necklace: Green Diva Bridal (fair trade pearls & recycled silver)
Hair & Make-Up: Aveda
Photography: balance photography llc

Creme d’Or Champagne Gown – Cynthia Davis, Style Tantrum Designs
Model: Tiara
Necklace: Stout Run Studios (vintage and recycled pearls)
Hair & Make-Up: Aveda
Photography: balance photography llc

Creme d’Or Champagne Ballgown Wedding Dress

When you are young and you want to fly but you aren’t sure your wings will hold you. When your love is sweet and breathless and you are not sure where it will take you. When you like holding hands on benches and whispering together and just want to run away from ordinariness. Shimmering sunlight captures you and takes you far away. That is when you feel most real, most free. Dancing together under the starlight feels like forever. Make it last forever. Make it go on and never stop. Recreated from a simple short brocade empire waist gown, the Creme D’or Champagne gown is melded from ecru lace, cafe au lait stretch netting and it’s draped bodice is covered with golden cream and champagne satin and deep ecru embroidered chiffon. It has an optional chiffon tie around the empire waist. Golden satin goes over one arm in a wide strap and one strap is a simple spaghetti strap. There is a long spray of ecru cotton lace. It has a long sweep of netting that puddles on one side and continues around to the back where it joins a champagne satin train. The dress has a vintage feel and has raw cut edges in the bodice and other edges where they will delicately fray. The dress is lined to the knee and zips up the back. This one of a kind gown has a fluttery skirt below the knee and a tiny satin train. My favorite part is the assymetrical bodice.

We photographed the dress on a rainy day near the beach and the weather cooperated only long enough to get a few shots. Our background is a long porch facing the sea on Sullivan’s Island near Charleston, SC.  Although the model was beautiful our shots came out a bit dim.  For the photo shoot I had to pin the back of the gown up near the back neckline because the straps were a bit long on her and I forgot to add the chiffon tie. Never without incident 🙂 Thank you JuliaAnn! This may be the most romantic of the dresses I’ve made and one of my favorite colors.

With a Swish – larimeloom handmade designs

Sometimes it’s nice to just focus on one shop or artisan to give a mood a chance to develop. I am highlighting larimeloom.etsy.com’s site to focus on her wonderful designs. This shop has a mom-daughter team who create and model the beautiful pieces that are larimeloom.etsy.com’s trademark. The seller is located in Alba, Northern Italy. I love the variety and endless creative spirit that fill these beautiful clothing with life. I know you’ll love popping in to see what is new in this fresh, delightful shop.  This is handmade clothing at it’s best! Here are a few of my current favorites. You’ll find them all at larimeloom.etsy.com.

Quaint and Cool Collections

Makool.etsy.com's Gray Sparrow Dress

I love finding things to love at Etsy.com. I am featuring some dresses today by www.englishdept.etsy.com and www.makool.etsy.com and two by Circa Vintage Brides. What rocks besides the adorable dresses and models is the amazing photography. I aspire to better photo skills. I hope you love these!

Makool.etsy.com's Gray Sparrow Dress

Makool.etsy.com's Late for Tea Dress

englishdept.etsy.com's Platinum Silk Shantung Ruffle Shrug

englishdept.etsy.com's Oysters and Pearls Dress

englishdept.etsy.com's Oysters and Pearls Dress

http://www.circabrides.com's Marilyn and Ava Dresses