New Handmade Wedding Designs

by Cynna

Beach Bridal Gown

california wedding dress


I’ve been busy re-opening my etsy shops recently to give me a chance to reach a slightly different audience. Some of my problems with an etsy shop have become kind of a moot point now that the biggest handmade competitor is Amazon Handmade. While they seem to be serious about handmade vetting of sellers, the rules allow shops with as many as 20 employees, which to my mind is a small manufacturer rather than an indie shop. So,  I thought I’d give etsy a short trial to see if it’s worthwhile to be there at this point. Still in the hunt for a good marketplace with traffic and true handmade, but the options are getting smaller not larger…sigh.


ecru linen jacket

I’ve still got my Style Tantrum Shop and my main website Wispy Chic, where I have my wedding designs. Wispy Chic and the Etsy shops also have casual and evening fashion as well as accessories and odds and ends.


cream chiffon wedding dress

Meanwhile I’ve been working on more photos and am trying to gear up for expanding my sizes in ready to wear and custom wedding and fashion. I’ve always made up to Extra Large with a few Plus Sizes, but I’m going to be focusing a bit of time on developing a bit more in the Plus area for fashion and wedding pieces.  Some of my photos will feature a mannequin that I got about a year ago and really enjoy taking pics on. I understand the ‘creepy factor’ people have with mannequins, but so many designs are made to be body moulding and without actual body parts look shapeless. I may be doing more pics with the face cropped off, but for now I kind of like her face. And the hair, while a bit wild makes me think of elven folk, so I think I’ll forgo another wig at this point. Sorry to pay catchup in a single post, but I haven’t posted in a long time and there was a lot to say 🙂 Lots of random photos of designs I’ve been working on, or new pics of a few things I’ve already posted.


ecru tiered wedding dress