Spring 2017 Designs – or something

by Cynna

2016 Behind Us

I’m finally done with a very busy 2016. I didn’t have time to devote to my designs this past year. I’m getting my head above water now and planning for Spring 2017. I had a good year last year with custom design, but overall it’s kind of a lost year.

I spent a lot of time working on websites to sell, developing a wordpress self-hosted site where I’m able to list my designs in a shop. Progress!!

2017 – Spring and Summer

I’m going for a new design focus this year, with simpler silhouettes and custom dresses that can be festooned less or more as the purchaser chooses. I’ll be doing a bit of recycled casual designs and party wear, but it’s tougher in Florida coming up with viable places to find items to upcycle. I’ll still be selling my one of a kind pieces, but slipping¬†them off to different shops online to sell them. Maybe several small shops, with handmade casual designs in their own spot.

Trend Forecast

For weddings, I’m seeing a stronger focus on design details, though not the same bohemian style seen in past seasons. These are more couture style details that focus on trim and beading, but in a ‘faux handmade’ type way.

Many fashion designers this year caught on to the handmade trend and did an extreme design detail wash to many of their lines. It’s beautiful !


There were a few casual details that were included here.


My favorite detail of the casual fashion and ready to wear is the colors. Spring’s runways were awash with color and details.

I loved all the details, though I had a few I really loved. Here are a few that could apply both to wedding and more casual designs.





Where Am I Heading ?


For summer and next spring (2018) I’m planning to take my line a bit simpler with a focus on customization and simple silhouettes. I’ll be trying out a few new things like a ‘faux mermaid’ gown and some simple camisole 2 piece gowns in cotton and linen. I’m wanting to let the focus be on the bride, allowing her to accessorize with fabric collars, capes/shrugs and lace ruffs, rather than the gown itself being ornate. That said, I still love sheer floaty fabrics, so I’ll be working (hopefully) on ways to incorporate them into my designs, but with a simpler effect.



Casual Fashion

For casual fashion, I’m seeing ‘all over the place’ looks, but my most recent inspirations came from the dramatic designs at a local renaissance fair .I loved all the color, the corsets and leather accessories and the sheer variety of garb.

I’ll be working on a few more swashbuckling looks and some accessories to add to everyday ¬†fashion to add a bit of unique style. I’ll be focusing on layers like vests and jackets, reworked skirts and always shirts !